Havens Nook launches $HXN

Havens Nook
1 min readJan 5, 2021

The Havens Nook Team is proud to announce the launch of our native token . $HXN is our Ethereum-based token that introduces a new concept — Proof of Fun (POF). Have fun and your efforts will be rewarded with HXN. We’re changing the game by :

  • Attracting new people to crypto
  • Promoting community through common goals
  • Increasing blockchain awareness in a safe and non-threatening way to promote mass adoption.
  • Creating interest through FUN instead of conventional ways

HXN has a total token supply fixed to 100 million. This will create digital scarcity and encourage holders to spend HXN wisely.

Token symbol: HXN

Contract Address : 0x0E1fe60bc4aC0e3102343752ae7E49d01d444c0b

Total supply: 100,000,000

Token Allocation: Please visit our website for more details

50% : Community, early adopters

25% : Exchanges liquidity, partnerships , marketing, allocated to incentivising adoption

10% : Team

5% : Orca Nook

5% : Ambassador program

5% : Retained for future development (locked-up for 3 years), future team members, bounty campaign, security audits and other costs that may arise in the future.

Havens Nook is a self-funded project created by crypto enthusiasts all over the world.



Havens Nook

HXN is an Ethereum-based token that introduces a new concept proof of fun (POF). https://havensnook.io