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Havens Nook
2 min readJan 9, 2021

What’s FUN got to do with it?

So by now we hope you know we are all about fun and making the blockchain less scary. One way of doing this and encouraging you is to inject fun everywhere we can.

Games and other fun challenges abound in Havens Nook and they are your door to getting your first HXN — our ERC-20 token

Events sponsored by Havens Nook will give everyone a chance to win HXN in fun ways so your participation is key. In addition, we’ve dedicated a channel to games!

Our Proof of Fun group is a special place to play games and share crypto.

We’re always thinking of new ways to have fun with quizzes and games we create or find on telegram. Subjects and genres come from a wide-range to allow everyone to get involved. And there’s always a lively chat.

Monthly Golden EGG Events will be available to allow you opportunities to win our HXN tokens.

EGGS are special because they contain our precious HXN -up to 10,000 per event.

An EGG event may include challenge(s), puzzle(s), game(s), point goal, and more.

If teamwork cracks the EGG, each teammate gets a share of the prize according to his participation.

EGG Events may take the form of:

· Teamwork to crack the EGG, giving each teammate a share of the prize according to their participation.

· Certain EGG events may allow only one (1) player to gain the HXN prize.

· EGG events may also be scheduled for all Havens Nook members to complete together. Points will be kept and everyone who participated gets their fair share according to the tally and admin approval.

We hope to see you soon in Havens Nook.

Website: https://havensnook.com
Telegram: https://t.me/havensnook
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Havens_Nook
Github: https://github.com/Havensnook



Havens Nook

HXN is an Ethereum-based token that introduces a new concept proof of fun (POF). https://havensnook.io