HN Recap Q1 2021

Havens Nook
2 min readMay 8, 2021

As Havens Nook forges ahead let’s take a look at what has happened so far in 2021 and see what’s in the works.

Havens Nook has been building a crypto community on telegram for quite some time and, on January 3, 2021, launched their ERC20 token, HXN. Coincidentally, this was 12 years to the date of Bitcoin’s genesis block.

The unique Proof of Fun (POF) concept got a soft introduction last year through our POF channel dedicated to only games. Members can play anytime as well as participate in posted challenges to win HXN.

Along with the token launch, our website became visible to everyone and explains more in depth how we want to impact the way people begin their crypto journey to unravel the mystery and fear so many encounter.

$HXN has gained placement on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap and has been successful in listing on Uniswap and 1inch as well as availability to US on Dharma. Currently, HXN is poised for listing on Txbit as supporters vote to we can bring $HXN to even more people by widening the exchange choices that cater to our worldwide base.

February 1 the liquidity program was kicked off allowing holders to earn while supporting the project through Uniswap. Liquidity providers earned 0.3% of all trades on the HXN/ETH pair in proportion to their pool share. Qualified LPs are eligible for 30 days after the liquidity add and earned an additional 15% $HXN equaling over $1500 last month alone. The current LP incentive has increased to 30% $HXN for a limited time so it’s a great time to support and earn! There are no fees, no minimum amounts and no locking periods although removing liquidity does disqualify from the monthly rewards program.

In addition, once there are 333 holders of $HXN the Orca Nook program begins. This is a special bonus awarded only to those who own these wallets. Each will have 5% of their holdings dropped in their wallet randomly once over the next 333 days!

Currently Havens Nook continues work on the roadmap, Uniswap V3 Layer 2 and scaling with other chains as well as creating possibilities to transact even more ways with speed and low fees to bring even more value.

Check our updated website to learn all about our project and stay informed on the latest news so you get the most out of $HXN and as always we are waiting for you to join us on Telegram.



Havens Nook

HXN is an Ethereum-based token that introduces a new concept proof of fun (POF).